All about speeding tickets

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The equipment

The police of Schaffhausen have several stationary and semi stationary speed measurement devices. Once a year the Federal Institute of Metrology (METAS) calibrates the devices and all relevant components get checked.


Training of our employees

The employees assigned to the stationary and semi stationary speed measurement devices from the police of Schaffhausen are trained professionally and have the appropriate certificates of the equipment manufacturer.


Payment of speeding tickets

According to the law of administrative fines Art. 6, para. 1, a disciplinary fine must be paid within 30 days. If the speeding ticket is not paid on time, according to para. 4 the ordinary procedure ist initiated and the file will be forwarded to the traffic departement of the public prosecutor's office of the canton of Schaffhausen.

Mortgage payments are not permitted by law.


Owner liability

According to the law of administrative fines Art. 7, para. 1, the speeding ticket from an unknown driver will be imposed on the registered vehicle owner in the vehicle license. If the speeding ticket is not paid within the prescribed period, the ordinary procedure is initiated and the file passed on to the traffic department of the public prosecutor's office of the canton of Schaffhausen.


Ordinary procedure

If the speeding ticket is not paid on time or the speeding offence is too high, so that it cannot be paid with a speeding ticket, the files are transfered to the traffic department of the public prosecutor's office of the canton of Schaffhausen, to initiate the ordinary procedure.
From this point, the police of Schaffhausen are no longer responsible for processing the case and can therefore provide no more information on the status of the criminal proceedings.



On instructions received from the traffic department of the public prosecutor's office of the canton of Schaffhausen, no photos will be sent. It is possible to view the photo at the counter of the traffic police of Schaffhausen. The photo is evidence for the public prosecutor's office in criminal proceedings.



For security reasons no information about ongoing criminal proceedings will be sent via email.

Please send us your objection in writing to the following address or if you want to come in person:


Schaffhauser Polizei


Emmersbergstrasse 1

8200 Schaffhausen


Locations of stationary and semi stationary speed monitoring devices

According to the Police Law Art. 5 of the canton of Schaffhausen, the traffic police of Schaffhausen are responsible for security and order of the traffic on public roads and waterways.

In order to keep the traffic security at a very high level, the traffic police perform regular speed controls at all times during day and night on all roads of the canton of Schaffhausen.


The evidence

The recordings (photos) taken by our speed measurement devices serve as evidence for the criminal case.
On the recordings you can see the vehicle, the driver, the number plate of the car, location, driving direction, date, time and speed.


Speed limit 60 km/h on freeway A4 after the tunnel “Cholfirst” driving direction customs/Thayngen

The speed limit at the tunnel exit "Cholfirst" is 60 km/h. Thanks to reducing the speed from 80 km/h to 60 km/h, there have been no more accidents at the entrance point.
In the tunnel the speed limit 60 km/h is pointed out with three traffic signals (tunnel wall on the left side, right side, and a LED light signal above the roadway). The signals are clearly visible and match the legal requirements. In addition there are also two panels (Achtung Radar) which indicate the upcoming radar speedmonitor.